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This is an essential part of any form of rehabilitation and sports training programme as competitive sportsmen and women regularly push themselves to extreme limits. The maintenance of efficient muscle performance and flexibility allows the body to recover and/or develop at an accelerated rate. The regular use of a sports masseur can help prevent many forms of muscoskeletal injuries by detecting muscle fatigue, inflexibility and minor sprains or strains. The importance of warming down and stretching should not be underestimated and should always be a part of a training programme.

Massage is suitable for non- sporting people as well as professional athletes. Daily stress can cause muscles to knot up and produce pain. There may be localised muscle tension, which due to the range of movement of some joints, the effectiveness of stretching is restricted. Massage can be directed to these areas ensuring immediate action. Massage also cleanses tired tissue, improves blood flow and leaves you feeling great!.